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I've been DJ'ing for 18 years now and still love every minute of it. My music styles vary from Trance, Hard Trance and Hard House but I predominantly play Trance.I started off as a bedroom DJ thanks to my best mate Dan Peake but then took the leap into doing house parties before being asked to DJ at local pubs and clubs in Eastleigh. 
I'm a DJ for the CRT Radio Facebook page and host a weekly show every Sunday from 5-6pm UK time from their YouTube channel and I also DJ on Kell's Kitchen Radio every Tuesday from 7-8pm UK time. 
I had my first tune 'Orbit' signed to Amber D's 'D-Day Recordings' label under the guise of 'Jayel' back in March 2011 and my collaboration with D-Mode called 'Way Of Life' was signed to Dirt, Lies & Audio Records soon after.